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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 7, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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tailored specifically for oe vote... and what the court's decision might loo >> take note. the court does not mess around.w the gay marriage case was tailored specifically for one vote and what the supreme court's decision might look like. >> they left on a charity mission only to be robbed of thousands of dollars. the dolphin that came to their rescue. >> falling asleep in a theater
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is one thing. falling asleep in a theater while you're looting the place, well, that's a show stopper. it looks like the gay marriage fight could come down to just one man. >> one supreme court justice who will likely be the swing vote on whether gays and lesbians can once and for all get legally married. >> this is a decision that can affect america. >> reporter: the supreme court will actually decide on two issues. doma, the federal law that prohibits recognition of same sex marriages and property 8. >> she texted me, omg, five exclamation points, granted. she called me and we started crying. >> they've got to solve this at a national level because there's just too much administrative confusion right now. who gets health benefits? who can visit
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who in the hospital? which marriage counts? >> so what happens between now and when the u.s. supreme court makes that decision next june? we talked to legal experts to get their take. >> reporter: the final say in the culture war on same sex marriage is coming. and the justice's decision to hear the case is historic. >> this is equivalent to the supreme court taking on one of the most divisive sort of exciting constitutional questions of this generation and deciding that they have to issue an opinion on this. >> and constitutional law experts believe they will decide on one of three possibilities. >> reporter: first, the justices could say denying marriage to any couple is unconstitutional, just like the former ban on interracial marriage. that decision could overturn any state's same sex marriage ban. a second choice
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is a technicality. the justs can rule supporters of prop 8 are not legally entitled to defend the law. third, they can follow the precedent set on a landmark gay rights case. >> the 9th circuit tried to narrow its ruling by equating it to roamer versus evans. >> reporter: colorado amend 2 stripped gays and lesbians the right to equal protection of discrimination. the supreme court ruled it unconstitutional, just as kennedy wrote singling out gays and lesbians was a violation. legal analysts say the court chose the same logic in ruling against prop 8, hoping justice kennedy sees the similarity. >> the supreme court will hear arguments in march. the decision on whether same sex marriage will remain banned or become legal is expected in june. >> thank you very much, linda.
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the battle over same sex marriaa unique story here in california. we were only the second state to allow it, and the only state to then ban it. it began back in 2004 here in san francisco. over a period of one month, san francisco issued some 4,000 marriage licenses to same sex couples under the direction of then mayor gavin newson. the ban was later ruled unconstitutional. same sex marriages will remain on hold until this case is finally settled by the u.s. supreme court. for more on today's announcement and reaction, go to a mother and her young son were killed on a head-on collision on the byron highway, which had just reopened. the chp says the truck driver had slowed for stopped traffic when
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a car coming in the opposite direction lost control and slammed in to it. the truck driver was not hurt. police in the east bay are on the hunt for a kidnapper and rapist. investigators say these two sketches are of the same suspect from two separate crimes. one in you know, one last month. both attacks have happened in richmond's gavin corridor area. >> i was really shocked to find that out because i'm a parent and a single mom as well. and i had no idea we were having that issue in richmond. >> investigators believe the same man tried to attack a third woman as well. divine intervention may have helped save members of an oakland church youth group stranded in florida. the 24-member group was on a mission to help people when they were robbed while having lunch in a fort lauderdale restaurant. thieves broke in to their van, stole $12,000 in cash, their
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luggage, and i.d.s. >> the amount of money you stole, you stole dreams. you stole those things we wanted to do. and you have left many people right now without shelter, without food. >> the group is no longer stranded without money because today the owner of the miami dolphins surprised the group with a $15,000 gift. a group of thieves in pacifica may want to spend less time sleeping. police literally caught the crooks napping. >> this is a place for kids and this is a community place. >> reporter: a children's theater where kids as young as 7 have been hard at work rehearsing for their holiday show. it's the last place you'd think thieves would target. >> the hallway was totally
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messed up. the offices, things were thrown off the desk. >> reporter: but that's how natalia found it ransacked and robbed. everybody from costumes to set pieces pillaged. what employees never expected to find was the thieves themselves hiding out in the theater. >> falling asleep at the scene of the crime really isn't the smartest thing to do. >> reporter: and yet that's exactly how luna discovered one of the thieves. >> where the tubber wear lids are, that's where i saw the person's head. >> reporter: it appeared he had taken a nap after his rampage. a second thief was found asleep in the car outside the theater, surrounded by the items. the thieves left empty bottles of alcohol in the theater. they stole expensive keyboards that the kids needed for their performance. police still have not found it. but this is show biz and the show will go on.
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>> stuff happens. you got to keep going on with it . the tabloid frenzy over the royal pregnancy is just in its first trimester and it's already resulted in one death. not an ill-fated paparazzi car chase, but the disastrous aftermath of a radio prank. reaction from london. >> reporter: a nurse dead. her body found by police. a sut -- a suspected suicide. the nurse who had worked at the hospital where kate was treated for morning sickness this week, had put a call through the ward thinking the caller was the queen. but it was actually michael christian and mel greg, a pair of australian djs famous for hoaxes who placed the call and were gloating about it all week. >> can you believe what's happened today? >> they were the worst accents
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ever. >> reporter: jacintha saldana was blind sided by the call. >> can i speak to my granddaughter? >> reporter: they were put through to the ward nurse who gave the hoax callers an update on kate's condition. >> she's stable at the moment. >> reporter: the royal family o complaint. the hospital apologizes. the rd . prince charles, kate's father-in-law even joked about it. >> how do you know i'm not a radio station. >> reporter: and the episode, while embarrassing, seemed to be over, until the nurse's body was found. the australian radio station has taken the offending djs off the air and offered condolences. while the police said they can't call it a suicide until after an autopsy, the hospital in its statement said it had been supporting its employee through what it called
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this difficult time since the hoax. the australian radio station had been boasting about what was the prank the world was talking about. the world is talking about it again, but it's a tragedy. a quake scare for japan but nothing like what the country saw last year. magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit late last night off the coast of northern japan. this is what it looked like just moments after it struck. buildings as far away as tokyo. no damage. a tsunami warning was issued but lifted in two hours. it's been more than seven decades and the numbers are dwindling. the remaining survivors of the pearl harbor attack are honoring their fallen comrades on the commemoration on the day that will live in
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in infamy. this is the only night of the year the beacon will shine. pearl harbor survivors shared their first person accounts from the attack before the lighting ceremony. >> when that beam stands out, it's a beam of remembrance across all the valley below. how many families are down there who lost family members there, grandfathers, fathers, whatever, to them, to them. it has become a ritual that they look forward to every december 7th. >> the pearl harbor survivors association has been doing this every year since 1964. a chilly december 7th. we have dropped in to the low 4s , almost the 30s already in santa rosa. current temperatures, 44 for concord.
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safeway. ingredients for life. boy were they wrong. the economy added 146- thoud jobs l >> almost everyone was expecting a lousy jobs report today, but boy, were they wrong. the economy added 146,000 jobs last months. it's not great, but it's a lot better than expected. the unemployment rate dropped two-tenths of a point to the lowest point in four years, but mostly due to the people who stopped looking for work. a bay area educator with only months to live is getting
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kindness. an 8th grader is trying to help one step at a time. >> reporter: chris mahoney's wife and son helped him battle a rare liver disease. but the principal of the charter learning center is now feeling the love of his community, thanks to this 8th grader. >> if there was any way i could help, it would be a very good idea. >> reporter: the 13-year-old is spearheading a walkathon with a silent auction for her principal. >> for her to do something this significant is kind of inspiring. >> reporter: mahoney says he's joined 750 patients on california's liver transplant list. the average wait is two years. he's waited eight months and doctors say he could die in six months without a transplant. >> in some respects it's feeling a little more desperate. >> reporter: they hope to raise $60,000 for mahoney. he's
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trying to get on a shorter transplant list at a hospital his insurance doesn't cover. the fundraiser takes place tomorrow from 9:00 to 3:00 in britain park from san carlos. >> i learned a lot about how one person can truly make a difference. >> everyone is pulling for me. it means so much more to me than any amount of money they can come up with. we turn to paul now. it's the weekend. it's going te nice. >> it's going to be one of those weekended that makes you thankful we live where we live. we're going to get some beautiful weather. sunshine. hawaii could do it, maybe arizoo it, but northern california can do it nicely as well. let's talk about where we're at tonight. it's going to be chilly to get to the sunshine tomorrow. 39 for napa. 38 for fairfield. santa rosa 39. 48 for san francisco. san jose down to 40. good night for figure skating. s
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are having a good time. mom and dad doing a lot of watch watching. the kids going around there. great friday night to get out and about. no rainfall. yes, it's chilly, but if you'ree ing, who really cares? doppler bone dry. we'll stay that way for the next at least four days. i see no rain in the forecast until wednesday at the earliest. maybe you're going skiing. most of the ski resorts toward tahoe have all the lifts open. 87%, that's where we are with the snow pack. last year at this time only 36%. you'll get a lot of sunshine because of a big area of high pressure. you can kind of tell there's an area of high pressure when it almost looks like mother nature sprayed windex on southern california. taking the storm track, shoving it up in to oregon and western washington. not for us. that will keep us rain free all the way till the top of next week and through the week with chilly mornings. the nights are long.
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it is december. you'll get afternoon highs in the mid 60s by sunday and monday. we'll have areas of morning fog. we're getting chilly at night. especially in the north bay tonight. next week toward the middle of the week we're trending colder but it's friday night. let's talk about the weekend. tomorrow, night day. oakland, 63. san jose, 63. santa clara, 63. hayward, fremont, low 60s. beautiful day in the north bay. santa rosa, 62 off the chilly m. how about downtown san francisco, 61 degrees tomorrow. couple of degrees milder on sunday. mid to upper 60s. monday and tuesday stay drive. e got a chance of showers. notice the temperature drop. that's a guarantee. it's going to get chilly by thie next year. that's your cbs 5 forecast. >> thanks, paul. coming up after the break, a fond farewell to someone we're going to miss around here. we'll be right back.
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step away from the news fora
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>> to say the least it's quite a night for us here at cbs 5. we're going to step away from the news for just a moment and say farewell to someone we simply cannot replace. >> can you imagine the bay area without the 49ers? >> who is that kid? that was dana king upon her arre in 1997, reading a little story about a new stadium for the 49ers. how little things have changed, right? this is dana's last night with us before she moves on to a new chapter in her life. she's going to become a professional truck driver. >> [ laughter ] >> coming up at 11:00 on channel 5 we'll look back at dana's career in journalism, where she's been, what she's covered, the hair. >> very important stuff. >> for the moment we'll talk a little bit. i've got a lot of e-mails that have come in this week and people of course love you and they have for years. >> my mom's been writing you. >> our viewers want to know,
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dana, why you got to leave us? it's that simple. >> it's not simple. there's a quote by a poet that wherever you stand, be the soul of that place. i've had my feet in two different places for a while. i've had my feet in this incredible career i've had for the last 25 years, 15 of it here. and i have my feet in the art world. i'm going to stop this world and start in the art world and pursue sculpture. there's only one world, but yeah, i'm going to do my artwork. >> a lot of people don't know, didn't know previous to what's been going on this week that you have and have had a very successful art career. i've seen some of your paintings. they're wonderful. but you also do sculpture. >> i went back to school a
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while ago for painting and i wasn't very good at it actually. i took a weekend intensive with a master sculpture and i started sculpting after that. i've pursued that. >> so goodbye, ken? >> what you don't know is ken and i share this tiny little office that is about the size of a closet. we call it the dorm room. and we've had an office together -- >> none of those sculptures are in the office. >> and that wasn't ken that was my model. [ laughter ] >> it's going to be hard to carry on without you. >> are you reading that? [ laughter ] >> no. i don't k there will ever be a replacement for dana king. >> there will be. there's another woman out there.
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we've been together since 2001 as a team. >> we'll talk a little bit about that coming up on cbs 5 at 11:00. we want to go over your career a little bit because it's fascinating the amount of travel you did for the station and the places you went and the stories you gave us were really keynote stories of the day. and i remember specifically the way that we started working together, that was september 11th, 2001. the day that most americans will not forget. and that's the day that they kind of threw you and i together. we worked at the same station but never together on the air. and we did. and that was an amazing time. >> our relationship was born out of that disaster but in that moment we were able to bond and you've had my back for all these years. i really appreciate it. >> you've had my back too. >> i'm going to miss you. >> now i got nobody to fight with management. >> just call me.
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i'll come back. >> we've got more on dana's career at 11:00 on cbs 5. we'll be right back. ,,
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oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. home... warriors, in blue, running with the nets. >> right off the presses. let me just give it to you. couple of high school playoff notes. hold on to something. division 1 st. ignatius is out. north cal division 4 finals, the run of climens is over. got the minute for you. brooklyn native mark jackson back home. warriors in bloom.
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running with the nets and early on, joe johnson, yes, sir. a 3-ball. he had 32. brooklyn up 13. warriors turn, clay thompson. they erase a 13-point deficit. they kept on coming. stef curry had 28. game tied at 70. last quarter, only david lee ger riors up 91-89. here's the dagger. check the no-look pass. that's beautiful. warriors, a solid win tonight. r -102 -- -109-102 >> he'll join trevor cahill in the d-backs rotation. 3.29 e.r.a. in his two seasons with your oakland athletics. i'm right on time.
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how about that? i heard the buzzer. what kind of prize? [ laughter ] >> we have the script for you. >> i'll take a picture of dana king. collector's item. >> it's been a wonderful run here and i'm just so grateful to have worked with everyone behind the camera, i wish you could meet everyone that works here. they're amazing people. >> you're all invited over. we'll have a party. >> bye-bye.
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